How are American newsrooms becoming more adaptive and creative despite a rapidly changing landscape?

What is the key to transformation? Strategic training.
Since 2003, training and research projects that comprise Knight’s $10 million Newsroom Training Initiative have worked with journalists and news executives. Together, these projects demonstrate that training, linked to actionable goals and encouraged by forward-looking leadership, drives innovation and audience appeal by improving newsroom culture and news content. Read about it in the new book by Michele McLellan and Tim Porter.

What They’re Saying
“Before you institute one more newsroom change program or schedule one more staff retreat in search of a transformational spark, absorb the lessons of News, Improved. Michele McLellan and Tim Porter give us a deeply reported, practical, up-to-date guide that is essential reading for newsroom leaders charting a new course in unknown territory.”
— Sandy Rowe, Editor, The Oregonian

“News, Improved has sweep and authority and big ideas, anchored in excellent, true-ringing specifics and observations from real newsrooms.”
— Carl Sessions Stepp, Professor, The Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland

“Journalists face a daunting set of challenges in the digital age. Newsroom leaders don’t have a neat set of blueprints to hand them. Instead, editors have to unlock the potential of their staffs to invent the future. And the potential is there. News, Improved shows how this has happened in newsrooms around the country and how you can make it happen in yours.
— Mary Nesbitt, Managing Director, Readership Institute and Associate Dean, Medill

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