McDonough Appliance Repair Company Warns Of Parts Shortage

McDonough Appliance Repair Company Warns Of Parts Shortage

JSC Enterprises, an appliance repair service in McDonough Georgia shares the following warning about getting appliance parts during the Covid Pandemic. Steve Cassell, tells us that supply chain issues are impacting the building and manufacturing of appliance parts all over the world. “We are not just talking about here in the USA. This is a world wide crises because the majority of the parts needed for repairs are made overseas.”

The fact is that countries like China are big suppliers of appliance parts. And even now parts of China have called for lock down. This means manufacturing and shipping grinds to a halt.

Steve continues, ” And we don’t just mean refrigerator parts are hard to get. Just name an appliance and there can be a time delay to receiving them. This includes freezers, dish washers, ovens, ranges, stoves, washers and dryers too. If a major household appliance needs a repair then you can be affected.”

What about just buying a new appliance?

The same parts that are used to repair parts are required to build and manufacture new appliances. Many appliance stores have limited supplies and have to take orders. This means customers may have to wait months for delivery.

What can you do to make your appliances last longer?

Steve tells us that we should look for ways to eliminate unnecessary wear and tear. Here are some tips.

  • Keep your dryer filter clean from lint.
  • Pull the dryer out and clean out the flexible hose and vent. Remember lint can cause over heating and catch fire.
  • Do you have to keep your freezer or fridge on a 10 for maximum coldness? The more your compressor starts up the more wear and tear you have on the appliance.
  • Pull out the fridge from the wall and vacuum the rear coils to remove those dust bunnies.
  • Never let a child or pet sit or lean on a dish washer door when it is in the open position.
  • If you do have a problem contact an appliance repair technician before the problem gets worse.
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