Door County Candle Company Illuminates Change: A Beacon of Hope for Ukrainian Soldiers

In a poignant journey that transcends borders, Door County Candle Company has been on a relentless mission to bring light and solace to those in need. From illuminating the lives of Ukrainian soldiers in 2023 to embarking on new fundraising projects for numerous groups in 2024, the candle creators at Door County Candle are unwavering in their commitment to candles creating change.

A heartfelt testament to this dedication unfolded when a Ukrainian soldier, clutching what he described as an ‘invaluable’ tin candle, expressed his gratitude in a touching video shared on Facebook. These candles, marked with the colors of yellow and blue to symbolize solidarity with Ukraine, were more than just a product; they were part of a labor of love orchestrated by Door County Candle Company’s owner, Christiana Trapani.

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Christiana Trapani, deeply connected to her Ukrainian roots, initiated the production of special “Ukraine candles” where 100 percent of the profits contribute to relief efforts through the nonprofit organization Razom for Ukraine. Beyond financial aid, the company implemented a unique approach – for every Ukraine candle sold, a tin candle was dispatched to soldiers or families overseas. – Source