Yankee Candle Fundraising Closing

Yankee Candle Fundraising Closing

Disappointed Students Forced To Look For Yankee Candle Fundraiser Alternatives

Schools that are searching for the Yankee Candle Fundraising Program are going to be disappointed. Last year in 2020 the Yankee Candle corporation closed down the fundraiser program much to the disappointment of thousands of fans.

Where does this leave schools, churches and nonprofits?

The reality is that thousands are still searching for the Yankee Candle program every month.

Here is a great alternative for Yankee Candle Fundraisers

Fundraising Zone offers a very similar candle fundraising program.

  • Free to join.
  • Free brochures.
  • Free prize program for the kids.
  • Six great scents.
  • Hand dipped.
  • Sells for only $20
  • You earn $4.80 on each candle you sell.