Sodt Elementary Principal Slimed in Hilarious Cookie Dough Fundraiser Finale

In a gooey celebration of success, Sodt Elementary School’s Principal, Tara Roe, found herself covered in slime as a reward for the spirited efforts of 38 students in a recent fundraiser.

The fundraiser, centered around selling cookie dough in a fundraiser, had preschoolers, Young 5’s, kindergarten, and first-grade students participating enthusiastically. Those who managed to sell more than $200 were given the unique opportunity to douse Principal Tara Roe in slime, resulting in a day filled with laughter and unforgettable memories.

Sell alot of cookie dough and slime the principal

Principal Roe, despite being completely covered in slime, sported a big smile, demonstrating her dedication to supporting the students’ initiatives. “I would do anything for our kids at Sodt. They worked so hard to reach the goal and raise money; being slimed is the least I can do,” expressed Roe.

Known for her willingness to engage in quirky fundraising incentives, Roe shared, “I’ve slept on the roof, been silly stringed, had pies thrown in my face, so why not slime? I picked slime for something different.”

The proceeds from the cookie dough fundraiser, held throughout October and November, will contribute to acquiring physical education equipment, funding field trips, and organizing educational assemblies for the students.

Among the students, the top-selling class was Mary Bezeau’s 4-year-old preschool class, earning them a coveted pizza party and recess with Principal Roe. Additionally, kindergartner Camila Perna was drawn to receive a Jefferson Recreation Center pass, adding an extra element of excitement to the fundraising event.

Joseph McLaughlin, a preschooler and the runner-up top seller, along with other enthusiastic students, were the first to take part in the slime-dumping extravaganza on Principal Tara Roe. The highest-selling student, kindergartner Hayden Kochanski, earned the privilege of having lunch with Principal Roe and a friend.

Reflecting on the fundraiser’s success, Principal Roe expressed her joy, stating, “This was amazing. I love to support my students!” The event not only achieved its financial goals but also created a sense of camaraderie and fun within the school community, showcasing the spirit of teamwork and achievement at Sodt Elementary. – Source

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