Cookie dough fundraiser online in 11 easy steps

Who else is curious about running a cookie dough fundraiser online? With cut school budgets, many school PTA parents are looking for ways to raise funds for their students. Here are some tips and suggestions from to help you virtually raise the money you need for school or sports on the web. Soon you will be rolling in the dough. (Pardon the pun.)

Step by step virtual fundraisers selling cookie dough

  1. Get your own domain name. There are lots of domain names available, and you can even have a business in your name if that’s your thing. Make it as catchy as possible so you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to do it. 2. If you want to set up a fundraising page, it’s a good idea to create a unique page with a catchy title and a link back to the fundraising website. The page should have links to all your fundraising tools.
  2. Don’t forget to update your blog regularly.
  3. Have a Facebook page and Twitter account, or a blog and Facebook and Pinterest.
  4. Blog about what you’re fundraising for.
  5. Post pictures of your bake sale or cookie dough.
  6. Create videos about your fundraising event and the gourmet dough flavors and post them on your social media pages.
  7. Reach out to your friends and family and tell them to share your event with everyone they know.
  8. Set up an online order page.
  9. Additionally, set up a way to get paid. Perhaps using a paypal link.
  10. Collect the payment up front and then arrange to deliver the cookie dough to your customers.
  11. Keep a record of names, email, phone number and home address.

Now its time to make the dough.

Now you can either make the dough yourself or work with a company that specializes in ready made cookie dough fundraising. For instance, Fundraising Zone has a several cookie dough programs including edible dough, 2 lb tubs and preformatted dough. They also provide free cookie dough fundraising brochures which highlight pictures of 8 different dough flavors.
Select a great home made cookie dough recipe that people love already. To keep things simple you might want to make only one kind of cookie dough. For example, you might want to make chocolate chip cookies because they are most popular,
Make copies of the recipe and line up the volunteer bakers you have found to help you. Once you have the total number of cookie dough orders you have you can begin making the home made dough. Now its time to get to work. Now its time for your helpers make the dough.
Make photos and short videos of working in the kitchen. Share these online too.
Now deliver the dough.
Get photos and video of your customers using the cookie dough and post them and their reviews online. This will be useful next year when you repeat the cookie dough fundraiser event.

Media contact:

Fundraising Zone

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