Hooters and the Girl Scouts team up for cookie fundraiser.

Kristi Quarles, a 9-year-old girl who was inspired to break her troop’s record for most cookies sold, made a commitment to sell more cookies than anyone could conceive, and if she won, she’d use her prize to help pay for a week a whole week of summer camp.

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She adds, “No one in our unit had ever sold more than 100 cartons.” “I announced that I would sell 200, which was a large number for any regiment at the time. That is exactly what I did. It was a particular goal for me, and everyone was so enthusiastic about assisting me in achieving it. For me, it was a tremendously motivating experience.”

Quarles is now the director of marketing for LTP Management, the parent company of Hooters South Florida restaurants, and he’s using the same motivating energy to assist the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida with their annual fundraising efforts.

For the second year in a row, nine Hooters locations will work with the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida to offer in-person cookie sales and collect donations to help the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida’s Cookies for the Military program reach its goal of supplying 75,000 boxes of cookies.

This is inspirational. Kristi is a former Girl Scout and wants to help young girls learn how to be entrepreneurs. It is a great joint venture model for kids groups, teams and and school clubs to follow. Simply find someone with a lot of customers already. Then ask if they can help your cause. It is a win-win for the Girl Scouts and The Hooters chain.

It is also a lesson for any fundraising association to team up with local businesses in their communities. Local business can get the publicity and good will of the community by helping a local school team or kids club raise the funds they need.




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