Norcross passes law cracking down on illegal street racing

Norcross passes law cracking down on illegal street racing

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — The Norcross City Council passed a law Monday. It intends to stop crazy driving. It joins other local metro Atlanta cities who want to clamp down on illegal street racing.

Under the law, coordinators, drivers and observers could confront fines up to $1,000 and as long as a half year in prison. Police can likewise appropriate vehicles.

Street racing cause car crashes and accidents often damaging vehicles that are parked on the street. Even worse it causes injury and fatalities.

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Different urban areas have passed comparable measures.

The Atlanta City Council endorsed enactment setting punishments for individuals remaining around while drivers road race.

As observer, you could be fined in any event $1,000 or go to prison as long as a half year.

“As per the enactment, infringement will be rebuffed by a base fine of $1,000 and court expenses or detainment for not over a half year, or by any at least one of these disciplines subject to all impediments contained in the contract of the city or appropriate state law,” the city committee said in a news discharge.

A significant part of the road dashing and tire-consuming are roused by online media gloating and bragging among youngsters.

In a joint exertion by different law requirement offices, they had the option to get serious about road hustling recently capturing many individuals. – source